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  • AppTips: Becoming a Better Applicant

    TMDSAS will be publishing a series of AppTips, to help guide you through the application process. The AppTips series are meant to assist applicants on how to improve their applications.  These information sheets should not be used as a replacement one-on-one advising relationship with an undergraduate pre-health advisor.


    Guest Contibutors


    Didn't Get an Interview? What's Next?

    Receiving an invitation to interview is traditionally the next step in an application process for medical schools. Applicants who did not receive an invitation to interview may be questioning the steps to take moving forward.

    Learn more about the next steps.




    Professional schools have defined a set group of Core Personal Competencies that they seek in applicants. Grades and test scores are important to being a competitive applicant; however, personal competencies are equally important.

    Learn more about competencies.


    The Interview Process

    The interviews are one of the final steps in the application process where admissions committees determine whether they will extend an offer of admission.

    Learn about how interviews work and what is expected of you as an applicant.

    Interpersonal Competencies

    Interpersonal Competencies refer to how a person deals with others and covers areas such as communication, sociability, persuasiveness, interpersonal sensitivity and the ability to work as part of a team.

    Your interpersonal comptency level is assessed at various points in the application process.

    Preparing for your Interviews

    After years of preparing, you finally receive an invitation to an interview! There are several things you need to consider to be ready for interview day.

    What comes next?

    Prepare yourself for the next step of the application process by being as prepared as possible.

    Intrapersonal Competencies

    Intrapersonal Competencies: refer to the things that drive you and qualities that will be required to succeed as a dentist/physician.

    How do you feel you exhibit these qualities? Learn more about these four intrapersonal competencies.

    What to Do on Interview Day

    Interview day is your opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism and maturity - this begins with how you present yourself.

    Be ready to present yourself in a professional and mature manner.

    Thinking and Reasoning Competencies

    Thinking and Reasoning Competencies: Refer to cognitive attributes such as analytical skills, numerical problem solving, and judgment.

    Consider how you will reflect these attributes on your application.