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    What do I need to know before starting my TMDSAS application?

    TMDSAS has created a multitude of resources to help applicants complete and submit their best applications to the schools of their choice. It is your responsibility as an applicant to read, understand, and utilize the resources available to you while completing your application. 

    What's first? 

    Read the TMDSAS Application Handbook! The Application Handbook is your comprehensive step-by-step guide through the entire application. All of the instructions, essay prompts, procedures, policies, etc are included in the handbook. Following the handbook will ensure that you are completing the application correctly and submitting your best application. 

    Read the Fine Print 

    Understand the policies and procedures outlined by TMDSAS.

    Use the Resources Available to You 

    Check out the TMDSAS Resources page for all the insight and tips that we provide.

    Use Your Official Transcript(s) to Complete the Coursework Section 

    TMDSAS verifies your self-reported courses against your official transcript(s) and will report any discrepancies to your selected institutions. TMDSAS does not enter courses for you. TMDSAS will contact you and return your application for corrections or explanations if it identifies a significant number of course discrepancies or omissions. Failure to properly enter all course information (including future/planned coursework) and to make corrections as requested may result in processing delays and may jeopardize your chances for admission. 

    The exception to this is in coding your courses; TMDSAS will correct the course coding during the review and processing of your application. We advise you to use the course listings on the TMDSAS website when available, otherwise, use your best judgment in entering your coursework. Just make sure all courses are in the correct term as reflected on your transcript. (Review Applicant Responsibilities.) 

    Wait for your Spring 2019 grades  

    Spring 2019 grades (or Winter 2019 grades if on a quarter system) must be reported on your application before you can submit your application. If you did not take Spring 2019 coursework, you can submit as early as May 1st.

    Account for All of Your Time 

    Your Chronology of Activities MUST account for all time between high school graduation and August 2020. Your Chronology of Activities will be automatically built from the information you enter in all other sections of the application. All gaps greater than 3 months must have a record. 

    A Complete Application File Consists of: 

    Course Entry Requirements for Processing 

    Planned coursework must be entered if an applicant plans to enroll in courses in terms post-submission of their application. 

    Spring grades of the current year along with all grades from previous coursework must be entered before an application will be processed. 


    Will TMDSAS wait until my application file is complete before processing my application? 

    No. The following items must be submitted to TMDSAS before your application will be processed: 

    • Online application 
    • Application Fee 
    • Copy of Visa or Permanent Resident Card (if applicable) 
    • Spring 2019 Grades (or Winter 2019 grades, if on quarter system)