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    These listings are not for academic advising. To identify courses that fulfill the pre-requisites, please visit with your Pre-Health advisor. Courses listed have been approved by the TMDSAS participating institutions to meet the education requirements.

    Questions? If you believe that a course is missing from your institution, please have your Pre-Health Advisor contact us at info@tmdsas.com.
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    TMDSAS Application Handbook!

    TMDSAS Prescribed Course Listings by University

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    Barnard College Boston University
    Barton Community College Bowdoin College
    Baruch College (CUNY) Brandeis University
    Bates College Bringham Young University
    Baylor Dental School Bringham Young University - Idaho
    Baylor University Brown University
    Belhaven University Bryn Mawr College
    Bellevue College Bucknell University
    Boise State University Bunker Hill Community College
    Boston College