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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Getting Started - About the Application

    • Is there a checklist for what I need to complete the application?
    • What is my TMDSAS ID?
    • What if I forget my password?
    • When should I start applying to medical, dental, or veterinary school?
    • Who can apply using the TMDSAS Application?
    • Do I need to indicate if I also plan on applying to any non-TMDSAS schools?
    • When it comes to the application fee, is it possible to be eligible for a fee waiver?
    • Is there an additional fee if I want to apply to more than one school?
    • What is considered a “complete application”?
    • What can I do to strengthen my application?


    • Who does TMDSAS consider a re-applicant?
    • I started on the application last year but I didn’t end up finishing and submitting it. Would I be considered a re-applicant?
    • If I am a re-applicant, do I have to complete a new application?
    • Which sections of the application will information roll forward and which sections will I have to fill out again?
    • Do I need to send in new copies of transcripts and/or letters of evaluation? Nothing has changed from my previous application.
    • Can I get a hard copy of my previous year’s application?
    • Who do I contact if I need to reactivate my TMDSAS account?

    Academic Fresh Start

    • What is the Academic Fresh Start program?
    • How can I learn more about the process to apply for this option?
    • Can I choose which course credits from ten years ago can be included with Academic Fresh Start?
    • I won’t be taking courses for the Academic Fresh Start until this summer. What happens with my application if I submit it before then when it comes to my coursework?

    Working on the Application

    • My name may appear differently on multiple documents. Will this cause a problem for my application?
    • I recently changed my name. How can I update this?

    Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Note: The information in this section is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute, nor is it a substitute for, legal advice.

    • When it comes to the Felonies and Misdemeanors section, do parking and speeding tickets count?
    • What are "minor traffic violations?"
    • Are deferred adjudication records public?
    • Can deferred adjudication records be made non-public by request?
    • If I accept deferred adjudication, will it show up on my criminal record?
    • Will I be subject to a background check?

    Education History

    • I can’t seem to find my school. What do I do?
    • I’m having trouble finding my community college. Should I add it as a new school?
    • I studied abroad through a study abroad program on my own. Could I provide you with the program’s transcript?
    • I studied abroad for one of my semesters. Do I need to provide a study abroad school’s transcript or would my home institution’s transcript, that reflects my transfer credit from my study abroad, suffice?
    • I attended a U.S. school located overseas. Can it still count towards my required semester hours and GPA?
    • What GPAs are calculated for the schools?
    • Can I take my prerequisites at a community or junior college?
    • Does foreign coursework apply toward prescribed coursework?
    • Do you accept Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) courses?
    • Does AP/CLEP credit count towards pre-requisites?
    • Do quarter credit hours count the same as semester credit hours?
    • What does “Last Taken” mean when entering the coursework in the College and Coursework section?

    Employment and Activities

    • I’m a veterinary applicant; how do I know where to include my experiences?
    • The application states that “all gaps greater than 3 months must have a record”, but what if I have a period of time for that long where I went on vacation and didn’t do any extracurricular activities or work?


    • Where can I find the essay prompts?
    • What should I include in essays?

    Establishing Texas Residency

    • What if I don’t know my Visa or Permanent Resident number or expiration date?
    • Do I need to establish Texas residency by the time I start on the application or by the application deadline?
    • How do I establish Texas residency?
    • My parents are out-of-state residents however they own a home in Texas. Can they still be considered as Texas residents since they pay property taxes in Texas?
    • I live with one of my parents out-of-state however my other parent is living in Texas and has been living and working in Texas for the past few years. Can I base residency off of my parent who is a Texas resident?
    • What is Residency Jeopardy?
    • Can I base residency on my stepparent?
    • What is considered as non-student employment when it comes to establishing Texas residency through gainful employment?
    • I plan on buying my child a condo so that they can establish Texas residency. Can I co-own the property with them?
    • I am active duty military who is a Texas resident but currently stationed out-of-state. Would I still be considered a Texas resident for the application?
    • I grew up and lived in Texas for the majority of my life and even graduated from a Texas high school. I currently live out-of-state but only for school. Would I still be considered as a Texas resident?

    Supporting Documents

    • What are the Supporting Documents?
    • Does TMDSAS wait until my supporting documents are received to process my application?


    • Will taking the MCAT in June/July be too late or delay my application processing?
    • I decided to re-take the MCAT. Should I notify TMDSAS?
    • My MCAT score is going to expire soon. Could I still apply with this score?
    • Do I need to update my TMDSAS application if I change my mind about taking the MCAT?
    • How do I release my MCAT scores?
    • What if TMDSAS does not have my MCAT score, but AAMC notes that they have released it to TMDSAS?

    Letters of Evaluation

    • Is it required that my letters of evaluation be on official letterhead and signed?


    • Do I need to send TMDSAS updated transcripts after I submit the application?
    • When are transcripts due?
    • Can I mail you my transcript, or does it have to be sent from the school?
    • Is the Transcript Request Form required?
    • Can I submit my transcript or release my score to you before I begin the application?

    Submitting and Processing

    • When should I submit my application?
    • What is processing?
    • How long does it take for the application to process after it has been submitted?
    • What causes an application to be delayed?
    • I forgot to include something in my application! Can I go back into the application and add it in after I have already submitted it?
    • Can I change my essays once I have submitted my application?
    • The evaluator I listed in my application is no longer able to write a letter of evaluation for me. What should I do?
    • My application has already been submitted but I would like to add another school. How can I do this?
    • How will I know that my application has been sent to the schools?
    • My application has been transmitted and when I reviewed my PCR it shows that I’m deficient in one or more pre-requisites, why is this?
    • What is validation?
    • How do I check the status of my application?
    • I had my supporting documents sent to TMDSAS before I submitted my application, will the received dates show up on my status page?
    • When should I expect to hear from the schools?
    • What if I have a question about my secondary application?