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  • 36 - Dr. Beck on Using the Four-Legged Stool to Help Reapplicants

    24 April 2018 - Dr. Deb Beck leads the Health Professions Advising Office at the University of North Texas and joins us on the podcast to help address concerns for re-applicants.

    We discuss the "Four-Legged Stool" that represents the four main areas of your application: Grades/GPA, Test Scores, Volunteer Work, and Shadowing/Healthcare Experiences, and how to evaluate yourself in each of these areas. 

    We also add a "Fifth Leg" to the stool with Communication Skills - we want to make sure the metaphorical stool is sturdy! Dr. Beck also shares a free resource for any applicant who does not currently have an advisor.


    Episode Notes:
    1) Connect with a Volunteer Advisor
    The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) provides a free service to applicants who do not have an advisor. Volunteer advisors are available to help applicants; Dr. Beck is currently a volunteer advisor.

    If you are interested in this support service, email volunteer.advisor@naahp.org. Please indicate the undergraduate school that you are attending, or have graduated from and when you graduated. In addition, please indicate which particular health profession you are interested in, and in what State you currently reside.

    Your questions will be forwarded to one of our volunteer advisors and that individual will respond to you directly.

    2) Course-Mapping for the MCAT from AAMC: students-residents.aamc.org/mcatcoursemappingtool/


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