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    1. 38 - Applying Early and Why It Matters to TMDSAS Applicants


    25 May 2018 - Just about every guest on the podcast has talked about the importance of applying early through TMDSAS. When is "early?"

    Follow along as we explore the data on why applying early to TMDSAS is just as important as test scores, GPA, and getting awesome evaluations.

    Check out the data slides we discuss here: Why Applying Early Matters to TMDSAS Applicants


    Episode Data:
    Applying Early and Why It Matters to TMDSAS Applicants (Full PDF)

    Click on each slide for larger version.

      All Applicants by Submission Date % Interviewed based on Submission Date Summary
    EY2017 Applicant Submission Data
    EY2018 Applicant Submission Data



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