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    35 - Leveraging the Core Competencies in Your Favor

    6 April 2018-
    When you think about a mission statement, it often reads like a fluff piece. However, we explore how the mission/vision/values statements for professional schools have common threads that are linked to Core Competencies. Don't forget that the role of the admissions committee is to find applicants who support their mission/vision/values.

    In this episode, we’ll focus on the defined medical school core competencies as they provide a framework that nicely overlaps with the desired competencies across the health professions.

    34 - Planning Your Next Steps: Preparing Your Marketing Campaign

    18 November 2017 -
    Interviews are in high gear right now, and will continue until the TMDSAS Match (which we will discuss in more detail later). If you haven’t heard from a school, don’t despair! There’s still time!

    5 steps to figuring out your next move in the application cycle.
    1) Research the schools
    2) Research the profession
    3) Practice your interviews

    Always practice patience, kindness, and courtesy.

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    Welcome to the TMDSAS Podcast!

    In this podcast, we’ll explore the TMDSAS application in greater detail by connecting with the admissions experts who are ready to help.

    Each episode will be tailored to focus on different parts of the application all meant to help you, the applicant, be seen by admissions committees.



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