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  • Applying Early and Why It Matters to TMDSAS Applicants

    Applying Early Trends

    Since EY2017, TMDSAS has tracked the correlation between applying early and interviews offered. In EY2019, this trend continues to show that applying early is paramount to applicants hoping to receive an interview.

    As the application cycle progresses, less interview spots are available to applicants, which means that the later an application is submitted there are fewer spots are available and the more competitive these interview spots are to acquire. Earlier in the application cycle, there are many more interview slots available, which correlates to the application submission trend in the first graph.

    However, applications continue to be submitted late into the application cycle. Consider that 5% of all applications submitted in EY2019 were on the final day of the application (October 1).

    Advice for Applying Early

    Applicants should make sure to balance submitting a high quality application with getting their application in early. Some considerations for applicants:

    • These slides refer to the date an applicant submitted their application, not when supporting documents were processed or when an application was transmitted to the schools. You can track the status of your application, supporting documents processing, and transmission status via the Check Status page of your application.
    • Applications are processed and transmitted to professional schools independently from supporting documents (letters of evaluation, test scores, and transcripts). Track processing times on our @TMDSASsupport Twitter account.
    • While schools may wait for a pending test score or letter of evaluation before offering an interview, transcripts are not required until the supporting documents deadline in October (see Deadlines).
    • Supporting document processing can take up to 21 days from the time they are received at TMDSAS. This target applies to documents submitted by mail or electronically.
    • During processing, we cannot verify whether your supporting documents have been received. We highly recommend using parcel services such as UPS or FedEx so that you may track your documents; electronic delivery methods may have similar tracking information.

    Previous Application Cycles

    Looking for other application cycle early submission statistics? EY 2017 and EY2018 - Applying Early and Why It Matters to TMDSAS Applicants (Full PDF)

    Click on images for larger view. Please note that these data only reflect the primary application submission date.

    Check out the TMDSAS Podcast Episode 37 where we discuss these data and why applying early drastically increases your chances of getting an interview.


    Application Statistics

    Click on image thumbnail to view file.

    EY 2018 Applicant and Matriculant Final Statistics

    Medical Final Statistics Dental Final Statistics Veterinary Final Statistics

    EY 2018 Applicant and Matriculant GPA/MCAT Matrix

    GPA and MCAT for Medical
    Applicants and Matriculants
    GPA and DAT for Dental
    Applicants and Matriculants

    2008-2018 Applicant and Matriculant Final Statistics

    10 Year Statistics  10 Year Statistics   


    Are you a Re-Applicant?

    Where should I start?

    The majority of the information entered into the previous year’s application will “roll-over” to the current application for your review.

    For these sections, you MUST still go to each section, review the information displayed, make corrections where necessary, and then SAVE the page.



    Check out the AAMC's Aspiring Docs resources to find out if a career in medicine is right for you.
    - Decide if Medical School is Right for You
    - Getting Medical Experience

    Review ADEA's resources for non-traditional applicants to find out if a career in dentistry is right for you.
    - Why Be a Dentist?
    - Check out a typical Dental School curriculum

    Visit the Texas A&M CVM resources page to see what they look for in applicants.
    - Meet the prerequisites
    - Learn about the curriculum

    Cost of Applying to Medical, Dental, and Veterinary School

    Above are estimated costs associated with applying to medical, dental, or veterinary school.

    Click on any of the images above to view larger version.

    Download the PDF version here: Medical - Dental - Veterinary