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    Download the EY 2019 TMDSAS Application Timeline here.
    Download the
    Entry Year 2019 TMDSAS Application Handbook

    Download the Application Checklist.

    The TMDSAS Application opens on May 1 at 8 am Central Time!
    Check out the new TMDSAS Podcast!

    We’ll venture across the state to talk to TMDSAS-participating institutions to learn more about what makes them unique, and we’ll go across the hall at the TMDSAS office in Austin to get advice for applicants directly from the TMDSAS staff.
    View our AppTips, a series of resources that assist applicants on how to improve their applications. 

    Join our Online Communities!

    Open to all applicants EY2019 and beyond. Open to all Non-Traditional Applicants.
    If you would like to be identified as an advisor in the online communities, please email the Coordinator of Advising Services at ejasso@tmdsas.com to be added to the group.

    Application Statistics

    Click on image thumbnail to view file.

    EY 2017 Applicant and Matriculant Final Statistics

    Medical Final Statistics Dental Final Statistics Veterinary Final Statistics

    EY 2017 Test Scores and GPA Matrices

    MCAT/GPA Matrix Heatmap DAT/GPA Matrix Heatmap  

    2007-2017 Applicant and Matriculant Final Statistics

    10 Year Statistics¬† 10 Year Statistics   

    Texas Health Education Advising Network

    The Texas Health Education Advising Network coordinates with advisors for the health professions from across the state to contribute, develop, and review advising resources, best practices, and maintain a library of advising assets relevant to Texas medical, dental, and veterinary education. 

    If you are interested in joining the Advising Network, or have an idea for a resource for advisors, please contact Enrique Jasso, Coordinator of Research, Advising Services, and Digital Media at ejasso@tmdsas.com.

    Here are some resources that have been created by the Advising Network:

    Total Application Costs

    Below are costs associated with applying to medical, dental, or veterinary school.

    Click on any of the images above to view larger version.

    Download the PDF version here: Medical - Dental - Veterinary

    Why It's Important to Apply Early (EY2016 Data)

    Below are graphs that reflect the EY2016 Application Pool by Application Submission Month, and their likelihood to receive an interview based on Application Submission Month.

    These data confirm that applicants who submit their application closer to the deadline have to compete for less interview spots at all schools.

    To download a PDF of these slides, click here.


    Advisor Portal

    Access the Advisor Portal

    To access the Advisor Portal, click here to log in. The portal contains information on your applicants from entry year 2011 to the present.

    Be sure to read the Advisor Portal User Guide to learn about the functionality of the portal.

    If you need to request access to the new portal, send an email to letmein@tmdsas.com.

    Admissions Staff

    How to access the School Admin Portal

    To access the School Admin Portal, click here to log in.

    Be sure to read the School Amin Portal User Guide to learn about the functionality of the portal.