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  • Deadlines & Important Dates

    May 1

    TMDSAS Application Opens

    May 17

    Submission deadline for applicants applying through the JAMP program.

    May 31

    Deadline for JAMP applicants to submit letters of evaluation.

    August 1

    Submission deadline for application to the following programs:
    1. AAMC Early Decision Program - Texas Tech University HSC SOM
    2. Early Decision Program - UNT HSC - Texas College of Osteopathic
    3. Texas A&M COM - Partnership for Primary Care Program (PPC)
    4. Texas A&M COM - The Premed Fellows Early Admission Program
    5. Texas A&M COM - The Engineering to Medicine Early Admission Program (E2M)

    Learn more about Special Programs.

    August 1

    All supporting documents (transcripts, evaluation letters, test scores) for Early Decision Program applicants must be received at TMDSAS.

    * Failure to submit documents by these dates may result in disqualification from Early Decision Program consideration.

    October 1

    Submission deadline for application to the medical, dental and veterinary programs.

    All sections of the application must be complete and the application must be submitted by 5:00 PM CT. TMDSAS does not grant deadline extensions.

    If paying by credit card or electronic funds transfer, payment information must be entered and submitted in order to submit your application by the deadline.

    October 7

    If paying by money order/cashier’s check, application fee must be received in our office by 5:00 pm CT.

    TMDSAS does not grant deadline extensions. Any fee received after the deadline date will be returned to the applicant.

    October 15

    All supporting documents (transcripts, evaluation letters) for applicants should be post-marked by this date.

    * Failure to submit documents by these dates may result in the disqualification of your application. * Some schools will not extend an interview offer until all supporting documents have been received.

    January 17

    Submission deadline for RANKING of SCHOOL PREFERENCE for the TMDSAS admissions match - to be entered online by 5:00 PM (CT).


    Important Dates

    May 1

    Application becomes available at 8:00 AM CT.

    August 1 - Jan 15

    Most medical and dental school interviews are conducted during this time period.

    September 15

    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and
    University of North Texas Health Science Center - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine notify Early Decision Program applicants regarding their admission action.

    October 15

    Initial date for medical schools to begin extending admission offers for non-residents, Special Program applicants (MD/PhD, DO/PhD and MD/MBA), and Assured Acceptance Program applicants.

    Oct 15 - Dec 31

    Pre-match open acceptance period for offers of admission to Texas resident medical school applicants.

    December 2

    Dental schools begin extending offers of acceptance.

    February 3

    Results of medical school admissions match are announced at 8:00 AM (Central Time).


    Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine begins extending offers of acceptance.

    May 15

    Offers may be extended to applicants who are not currently holding a seat at another institution. 



    2020 Application Opens

    The application for Entry Year 2020 will be available Monday, May 1 at 8:00 am CT.

    Supporting Documents

    Do NOT submit any supplemental materials for the 2020 application until after May 1st.

    Any materials received prior to that date will be returned to the applicant or the evaluator.


    Spring 2019 grades (or winter 2019 grades if on a quarter system) must be reported on your application before you can submit your application. If you did not take Spring 2019 coursework, you can submit as early as May 1st.