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  • FAQ - Application Processing at TMDSAS

    What is processing?

    The review of your application for completeness and accuracy. If errors or inconsistencies are found, your application will be placed in the problem section.

    TMDSAS will make every attempt to process your application in a timely manner. During our busy season, this process can take up to six weeks. Remember that applications are transmitted to schools even if TMDSAS has not received all supporting documents. Schools are updated on a daily basis with supporting documents.

    What causes an application to be placed into the problem section?

    An application may be placed in the problem section for a multitude of reasons, which will delay the processing of your application, for various reasons.

    TMDSAS immediately notifies those applicants who are placed in the problem section via email. It is crucial that you are able to receive emails from TMDSAS and that we have a valid email address for you at all times.

    How does TMDSAS calculate my GPA and what is included in the GPA?

    The Texas Coordinating Board for Higher Education determines the procedures for calculating the GPA for students seeking admission to a graduate or professional school in the state of Texas. All institutions must follow these guidelines. The guidelines are as follows:

    1. Only official transcripts from accredited institutions of higher education shall be accepted by the graduate and professional schools of an institution of higher education for evaluation and grade-point calculation.
    2. All academic work undertaken and grades or symbols assigned at each institution shall be reflected on the student's official transcript(s). No student's grade may be expunged from his or her record.
    3. All grades assigned for academic course work shall be used in calculating the grade-point average.
    4. A four-point scale shall be used in computing the grade point average (e.g.: A, 4 points per semester hour; B, 3.0; C, 2.0; D, 1.0; F, 0.0).
    5. A grade or symbol indicating failure (i.e.: F, WF, NC, or in a pass/fail system, FL equals F) shall count as hours undertaken, but no grade points shall be earned.
    6. Excluded from the grade-point average shall be any credit by examination (CR); Quit (Q); Withdrew (W); Withdrew Passing (WP); Incomplete (I or X); and a pass grade within a pass/fail system.
    7. The grade-point average shall be computed by multiplying each grade point (see paragraph (4) and (5) of this subsection) by the semester or quarter credit hours earned per course and totaling the products. The semester or quarter hours of courses undertaken shall then be totaled. The total of the products shall be divided by the total semester or quarter hours. The result is to be calculated to the hundredth place, giving the official cumulative grade-point average.
    8. Academic work at foreign colleges, universities, or preparatory schools shall be excluded from the calculation. In such cases, the grade-point average and credit shall be evaluated and computed as determined by the graduate or professional school to which the student is applying.

    Beginning with the entry year 2015 application, TMDSAS will calculate a Biology-Chemistry-Physics-Math (BCPM) GPA in place of a science GPA.

    TMDSAS calculates multiple GPA's for an applicant - overall GPA, overall BCPM GPA, overall undergraduate GPA,undergraduate BCPM GPA, undergraduate non-BCPM GPA, overall graduate GPA, graduate BCPM GPA and graduate non-BCPM GPA.

    The undergraduate BCPM GPA includes all undergraduate level biology, chemistry, physics and math course work. Included in the BCPM GPA are courses which satisfy the prerequisite course work (excluding English).

    How will I know that my application has been sent to the schools?

    You will be notified via email from TMDSAS once your application has been sent to the schools. It is crucial that you have an email address that will accept outside emails in order to receive this notification.

    You will also be able to check your status from the [Status] page once you have logged on to your application.

    What is validation?

    Validation is a process by which TMDSAS verifies what you entered in the [College Coursework] section against official transcripts for those applicants who have received at least one interview. We compare each transcript to verify that the course work entered matches exactly to what is on the transcripts. All official transcripts must be received by TMDSAS before the validation process can be completed.