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    Dental Schools Acceptance

    The dental schools begin extending offers of acceptance on December 1. Offers of acceptance will continue to be made until classes are filled. See Deadlines and Important Dates for more information.

    Offers to the combined DDS/PhD programs also begin on December 1.

    Applicants who receive offers of acceptance from more than one dental school must choose the one school that he/she prefers and withdraw from the other school(s) in accordance with the terms of the acceptance (generally this should be within a two week period).

    Policies Regarding Acceptance

    The Professional School Committee on Admissions

    Each professional school has an Admissions Committee which is responsible for the evaluation of students admitted to its program. The committee members, appointed from the faculty, review all applications. They then recommend for acceptance those applicants who best meet the established admissions criteria. All actions on admission to a professional program are the prerogative of the Admissions Committee of each professional school. Questions concerning admission decisions should be directed to the dental school concerned.

    Transcripts Following Acceptance

    TMDSAS maintains the records of accepted applicants. Therefore, official transcripts for course work taken subsequent to acceptance up to matriculation must be sent to TMDSAS at the end of each semester that course work is taken. Applicants who are accepted and plan to enroll in dental school may also be required to submit a complete set of transcripts to the school at which they plan to enroll. These transcripts must include all courses taken prior to enrollment. TMDSAS does not reproduce transcripts for the schools.