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    The Dental Admission Test, DAT, is required for admission to dental school. The DAT must be taken within the last five years. A test score from a DAT taken before 2014 will not be considered for the 2019 entry year application. Canadian DAT scores are acceptable.

    It is recommended that you take the DAT in the spring or summer prior to applying, but no later than December 1 of the application cycle. Offers of admission go out on December 1st; waiting to take the DAT until that late date will delay any consideration for admission until after your test scores are released.

    Applicants are required to request that all of their DAT scores be released to each of the dental schools they are applying with. All DAT scores released to the three Texas dental schools will automatically be sent to TMDSAS. Scores submitted from your personal score report will not be accepted.

    Any change to your planned test dates MUST be immediately reported to TMDSAS. Failure to do so will cause your application to be incomplete which could affect the review of your application at one or more of the participating schools.

    You should notify us by sending an internal message via the application.

    Information regarding the DAT can be obtained from their website: http://www.ada.org/dat.aspx