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  • Learn about the TMDSAS Match!

    TMDSAS also administers a matching process for all Texas resident medical applicants. Essentially, the TMDSAS Match is conducted to confirm any pre-match offers applicants are holding and to fill the remaining open slots for the medical schools.

    Eligible applicants rank all schools at which they interviewed according to their preference for attendance. The medical schools then submit to TMDSAS ranked lists of the applicants they have interviewed. TMDSAS then matches applicants with the highest preference school in which they were in the match range on the school list. The results of the Match are announced each year on February 1.

    Applicants are still eligible to receive alternate list offers from schools they ranked higher than the match offer they received, if any.

    Entering Your Match Preference

    The ability to enter your match preferences will be available on August 1 at 8:00 AM (CT). This applies only to medical applicants who are Texas residents.

    To enter your match preferences, you must log in to the application. Once you are logged in, click on the [School Rank Preference] link under [Pending Actions] on the right-Doctorhand side of the page. You will only see this link once a school has updated your status to "Interviewed". If you do not see the link, your status has not yet been updated by the medical school.

    1. The deadline to submit your match preference ranking is January 18, 2019 - 5:00 PM (CT).
    2. Applicants must rank all schools where they interviewed, regardless of whether or not they are holding a pre-match offer.
      • Applicants holding a pre-match offer who have interviewed at school(s) that did not extend an offer can rank one or more of those schools higher than the pre-match offer school without risk of losing the pre-match offer (as long as you do not match to a higher ranked school).
      • An applicant holding a pre-match offer who matches to a higher ranked school will automatically be withdrawn from the pre-match offer school.  They will also be withdrawn from all other lower ranked schools. The applicant will remain open to be selected by schools ranked higher than the school matched to.
    3. Applicants who fail to enter a match preference rank by the deadline will automatically be withdrawn from all schools.
    4. Following the match, the standard rolling admissions will continue through the beginning of orientation at each medical school.