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    Due to changes in the score reporting layout sent by AAMC, all scores released to TMDSAS prior to 5/1/2015 must be re-released. Any score released prior to 5/1/2015 will not be uploaded to the entry year 2019 application.

    The Medical College Admissions Test, MCAT, is required for admission to most medical schools. The exam must have been taken no earlier than January 2014 and no later than September of the year preceding enrollment into medical school (i.e. if you are applying for entry year 2019, September 2018 is the last month you can take the MCAT).  No score from a test taken within the year of enrollment will be accepted.   Scores from years prior to 2014 will not be considered.

    We strongly encourage taking the MCAT exam in by May so that your application will be completed and in the applicant pool for the start of the interview season. The interview season generally begins in August and closes sometime in early December. Applicants who wait to take the examination for the first time in July, August or September may find action on their application delayed until late in the admission season. NOTE: You may submit your application before your MCAT scores are released.

    All MCAT score(s) MUST be reported directly to TMDSAS by AAMC. Scores submitted from your personal score report will not be accepted.

    Any change to your planned test dates MUST be immediately reported to TMDSAS. Failure to do so will cause your application to be incomplete which could affect the review of your application at one or more of the participating schools. Notifications of changes should be sent via an internal message from the application.

    More information regarding the MCAT can be obtained from their website:

    How to Release your MCAT Score to TMDSAS:

    1. To release your score(s), go to the MCAT Homepage.
    2. From the My Reports drop-down menu, select Send Scores Electronically.
    3. Begin typing [Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service] in the search box 
      • Select the Confirm and Send Scores link.
    4. Select the confirmation checkboxes and select Send Scores.
    5. Select the X to close the success box to complete the process.
    6. To confirm that your request has been submitted:
      • From the My Reports drop-down menu, select the Scores Sent to Institutions

    TMDSAS will receive your scores 36 hours from the time you request the release.