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    If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, reach us at podcast@tmdsas.com.

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    More Episodes of the TMDSAS Podcast

    • Roadmap to Professional School

      Not quite sure where to start? We lay out a roadmap for you from the moment you step foot at a college campus to the point you graduate and prepare to matriculate to professional school.

    • Beyond the Application

      Dr. Felix Morales (TTUHSC-SOM) and Mr. Filo Maldonado (Texas A&M COM) discuss how admissions committees look at applications.

    • Non-Traditional Applicants Series

      Non-Traditional Applicants represent almost a quarter of the applicant pool. Advisors and admissions officers discuss how you can leverage your experiences to become more competitive in the application process.I

    • Advisors' Corner

      Advisors from around the state talk about common applicant concerns, pitfalls, and provide advice on how to overcome them.

    • Learn about the TMDSAS Schools

      Meet the admissions professionals at the TMDSAS participating schools and learn about what makes each school unique.

    • TMDSAS Advice

      Learn the best practices that will get you through the TMDSAS Application and be noticed by the admissions committees.

    • Application by the Numbers

      Dig into the application numbers and gain insights into how competitive the applicant pool is for the current cycle.

    • General Advice

      Practitioners and professionals talk about their experiences and offer advice to applicants forging their own path.

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    Podcast Episodes: Looking for previous episodes of the TMDSAS Podcast? Visit our Podcast Library!

    Welcome to the TMDSAS Podcast!

    In this podcast, we’ll explore the TMDSAS application in greater detail by connecting with the admissions experts who are ready to help.

    Each episode will be tailored to focus on different parts of the application all meant to help you, the applicant, be noticed by admissions committees.

    Looking for previous episodes of the TMDSAS Podcast? Visit our Podcast Library!

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    If you have any questions or comments about the TMDSAS Podcast, you can reach us at podcast@tmdsas.com.


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