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    33 - Feeling Stressed? Ms. Shannon Gutheil Shares Strategies for Managing Stress

    22 September 2017 -
    Ms. Shannon Gutheil shares some strategies that can help future healthcare professionals manage stress and anxiety. Learn how the five finger breathing exercise can be implemented in your daily routine, and start thinking about how you can begin practicing mindfulness to help you be present and ready for your patients.

    32 - September Update: TMDSAS Statistics and Processing Times

    15 September 2017 -
    Mr. Matthew Meeks, Director of TMDSAS, joins us on the podcast again to discuss some application statistics, the status of application processing, and we identify the top 5 schools that feed into the medical schools as of the Entry Year 2017.


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    Podcast Episodes:


    Welcome to the TMDSAS Podcast!

    In this podcast, we’ll explore the TMDSAS application in greater detail by connecting with the admissions experts who are ready to help.

    Each episode will be tailored to focus on different parts of the application all meant to help you, the applicant, be seen by admissions committees.



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