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    29 - Dr. Kellaway on Standing Out by Being the Best YOU

    28 July 2017 -
    Dr. Judianne Kellaway joins us again to talk about the unique challenges facing different non-traditional applicants, and how statistics show this group is a growing demographic. We discuss self-improvement, and how it can mean the difference to help you stand out by being the best YOU in the application process!

    Join Dr. Kellaway in the Club Pre-Med on their Facebook Group, and don't miss their next webinar on Apprenticing and HIPAA Training on August 31.

    28 - Dr. David Jones on Time Management and Enrichment Years (not "gap years")

    5 August 2017 -
    Dr. David Jones realigns our thinking about "gap years" and why they should be regarded as "Enrichment Years". We also discuss time management, involvement in organizations, and how an admissions committee reads into your activities.





    These episodes are part of the Non-Traditional Applicants series, which also offers advice for all applicants.

    Make sure to visit our website, www.tmdsas.com, and click on the Non-Traditional Applicants link to find these resources and join the Facebook group. If you have any questions, you can reach us at nontraditional@tmdsas.com.

    You can send us your questions or comments about the podcast at podcast@tmdsas.com.

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    Welcome to the TMDSAS Podcast!

    In this podcast, we’ll explore the TMDSAS application in greater detail by connecting with the admissions experts who are ready to help.

    Each episode will be tailored to focus on different parts of the application all meant to help you, the applicant, be seen by admissions committees.



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    If you have any questions or comments about the TMDSAS Podcast, you can reach us at podcast@tmdsas.com.


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