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  • Education Requirements

    The prerequisites required for entry into the Professional DVM Program are selected to best prepare applicants for the rigorous curriculum. Applicants are also encouraged to complete all prerequisites prior to submitting their application to obtain maximum admission points. See Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine's selection procedure page for details on the admissions formula.

    Prior to admission into the professional program, applicants must have ALL of the following:

    • Completed 56 hours of prerequisite course work by the end of the Spring semester before enrollment
    • Completed or be enrolled in the following prerequisites prior to Fall application (in addition to the prerequisite work required by Spring):
      • Organic Chemistry I
      • Physics I
      • Biochemistry I
    • EY2019 Updates:
      • Technical Writing and Psychology are no longer required.
      • New Pre-Requisites:
        • English [6 hours] (any two English courses; Technical Writing can be counted toward this requirement)
        • Speech Communications [3 hours]
    • The majority of their science prerequisites completed by the semester of application

    Preprofessional courses may be taken at any regionally accredited institution of higher education in the US.

    • Spring 2018 grades (or winter 2018 grades if on a quarter system) must be reported on your application before you can submit your application. If you did not take Spring 2018 coursework, you can submit as early as May 1st.
    Want to get your application processed faster?

    Visit the Course Listings Page for your school(s) to verify that you've correctly coded your prescribed courses.


    Courses must have been completed within the last ten years.  Since science advances and expands so rapidly, required prerequisite science courses are rarely exempted from the ten year rule. 

    Required Coursework

    Detailed information on the required prerequisite course information for veterinary school can be found on the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine's website.