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Coursework Appeals

Coursework/PCR Appeals Process 

During processing, the information entered in the [College Coursework] section of the application is reviewed and compared with the corresponding course listing from the applicant’s colleges attended. This ensures that all coursework is listed and that each course is properly coded by TMDSAS standards. Be aware that TMDSAS may make changes if courses are coded incorrectly. 

Upon transmission of the application to the intended institution(s), the applicant will receive an email notification from TMDSAS. The applicant will have the opportunity to review the application and the decisions of TMDSAS regarding coursework coding. The applicant will have seven days from the date of the email notification to initiate an appeal in writing to TMDSAS if he or she does not agree with the coursework coding. 

The TMDSAS Coursework Review Committee will review all appeals on a case-by-case basis and will make final decisions regarding coursework coding. 


Beginning an Appeal 

Click the link below to begin the appeal process. Please note the following information is required before an appeal will be reviewed: 

  • Include your name and TMDSAS ID # 
  • Provide course prefix, number, and full course title, along with the granting institution’s name. 
  • Explain why you believe this course meets the requirements to be included in the pre-requisites. 
  • Attach a course syllabus for each appealed course and any other course documentation that you feel will support your claim. 

Click to Initiate a Course Coding Appeal



My PCR says that I am deficient in one of the prescribed coursework areas but I took courses that should have counted, what should I do? 

The coding of courses is verified during application processing. If a coding was changed then it is because the courses is not currently approved as meeting the pre-requisite in that area. You may submit an appeal for these courses by following the instructions in the Coursework/PCR Appeals Process section. 

My PCR says that I am deficient but I'm planning to take those courses in the future and they are listed on my application. 

If your future courses are already listed on your PCR then they are already coded as a pre-requisite. However, these hours have not been added to the total number of hours towards that coursework area because they have not been completed yet (their grade is "Not yet reported".) After you have completed these courses and your grades have been recorded on your application those hours will be counted on the PCR. 

How long does the PCR appeal process take? 

Coursework appeal decisions will be made 10-15 business days after receipt of all required information and documentation. 

Can I submit a PCR/course appeal as a prospective applicant?

No, course appeals can only be submitted by current applicants.

Will TMDSAS review any PCR/course appeal? 

TMDSAS only reviews appeals to resolve course deficiencies or to be included in the BCPM GPA.