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Application Overview

TMDSAS strongly recommends that you print out the following Section Overview as well as the TMDSAS Application Handbook so that you can refer to them while filling out the application.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to read, understand and follow all TMDSAS and school-specific instructions. Applicants must certify that they have read, understand, and agree to comply with TMDSAS instructions when submitting a TMDSAS application. 

The TMDSAS online application consists of multiple sections, each section must be saved individually. It is imperative that you save each page BEFORE moving to the next page. Information will be lost if you do not save each page. 


Sections of the Application

For a comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions for each section of the application, refer to the TMDSAS Application Handbook, the official guide to the EY 2020 application! 

Following is a listing of the sections. Click on each section to learn more.

  1. Select Schools 

  2. Application History 

  3. Personal Information

    1. Contact info 
    2. Demographic info 
    3. Socioeconomic Info 
    4. Military Service (optional) 
    5. Family 
    6. Significant Person 
    7. Financial Info 
    8. Felonies and Misdemeanors 
  4. Education

    1. High School 
    2. Colleges Attended 
    3. Colleges Attended Questions 
    4. Terms Attended 
    5. College Coursework 
    6. Planned Enrollment 
    7. Education and Training History  
  5. Personal Biography

    1. Academic Recognition 
    2. Non-Academic Recognition 
    3. Leadership 
    4. Employment 
    5. Research Activities 
    6. Healthcare Activities
    7. Community Service
    8. Extracurricular & Leisure
    9. Meaningful Experiences
    10. Planned Activities
  6. Essays
  7. Proof of Residency
  8. Supporting Documents
    1. Test Scores
    2. Letters of Evaluation
  9. Chronology of Activities



Refer to deadlines for all TMDSAS applicants, including those applying through a special program. TMDSAS does not offer deadline extensions. Failure to submit the application, fee payment, or supporting documents on time may result in disqualification of your application.