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Coursework is an important part of your application. Though it may seem daunting, entering coursework on your application is easy once you read through this section.

Here are some tips for entering coursework:

  • Use your official transcript (unofficial transcripts are often different)
  • Do not enter transfer credit (for example, if you took a college course in highschool, then you will need to refer to the transcript of that community college granting the credit)
  • Read the handbook (seriously, read it!)
  • Use the course listings for your institution (if there is no course listing for your specific institution, don't panic, you can use the course definitions and your best judgment)
  • Remember TMDSAS will code courses accordingly when processing your application (no need to stress over course area designation if you are unsure)
  • Do not forget your AP credit, exam credit, and duel credit courses (as long as they are listed on your official transcript)
  • Enter all of your planned coursework (if you do not know which courses you will be taking in the upcoming semesters then you will put a placeholder)



How do I enter my coursework on the application?

You should enter your coursework as it appear on your official transcript. If your school heavily abbreviates the course titles, you can expand the course titles so the admissions committees reviewing your application will have a better understanding of your coursework.

You can use our online course listings to identify courses that fulfill the education pre-requisites.


The coursework from my community college/dual credit transferred to my university do I need to provide a transcript?

Yes. You should list and provide a transcript for every institution you have attended. If transfer credit appears on your official transcript, that credit should be listed under the original institution that granted you that credit (i.e. where you completed those course).


I can’t seem to find my school. What do I do?

If you are having trouble finding your school, try typing less of the school name where you are entering words that are unique to your school’s name. Check out page 17 within the handbook to see our example search with The Woodlands High School. If you try this method and you are still not able to find your school, then you will have to enter it in manually.


I’m having trouble finding my community college. Should I add it as a new school?

No. If you are having trouble finding your community college, try searching by either the specific campus or the name of the community college system.


Can I take my prerequisites at a community or junior college?

Yes, courses taken at any regionally accredited undergraduate institution in the US are acceptable.


How can I be sure that the courses I plan to take at a community college will count towards my pre-requisites?

Utilize the course listings on our website to see if your course will be counted as a pre-requisite.

If you're school is not listed, you can email us the name of the school you wish to take courses at and provide the course prefix and course number and we can look them up and review them to make sure they will meet the requirements.

Please provide the information and email us at Please review our Education Requirements page from our website for additional information as well as the College Coursework section on page 23 within our Application Handbook.


Does foreign coursework apply toward prescribed coursework?

No, foreign coursework does not count toward meeting any of the prescribed coursework requirements.

Undergraduate foreign coursework that appears as transfer credit on the transcript of a regionally accredited US college will count towards the 90 hour requirement. Each individual transfer course credit granted by the US school must be listed on the transcript. Lump sum credit with no specific course and hour identification will not be accepted.


Do you accept Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) courses?

AP, CLEP, distance learning and correspondence courses are all accepted if reported on an accredited college transcript.

  • AP or CLEP credit is accepted only if the school granting the credit lists the specific course(s) and number of units granted per course on an official transcript. Lump sum credit is not accepted. If these do not appear on the transcript, an official letter from the registrar is required.
  • It is recommended that you follow your AP credit with higher level coursework.


Does AP/CLEP credit count towards pre-requisites?

Yes, TMDSAS will code this credit as meeting the pre-requisites however it is up to the individual schools on whether or not they wish to accept it.


Do quarter credit hours count the same as semester credit hours?

Credit hours earned on the quarter system carry two-thirds the numerical value of those earned on the semester system.

  • 3 quarter hours = 2 semester hour


What does “Last Taken” mean when entering the coursework in the College and Coursework section?

"Last Taken" is asking "was this the last time you took this course?” Most coursework will be answered yes ("Y").

  • Instances where you would answer no ("N"):
  • If you withdrew and re-took or plan to take the course again. For the first time you took the course enter no ("N"). When retaken, enter yes ("Y").
  • If you re-took the course for a better grade, enter no ("N") for the first time taken and enter yes ("Y") for the second time taken.
  • If the course was repeated for additional credit but not for a better grade, enter yes (“Y”). Common examples include: Physical Education, Chorus, Band, or Research/Thesis.
  • For more information about this, please refer to page 27, step 10 within the Application Handbook.


Last Time Taken Help
Course was taken and passed: Enter [Yes] for Last Time Taken.

Course was taken and grade received was C, D, F, Fail or No-Credit and class was retaken for a higher grade:
Enter [No] for first time the course was taken (with the low grade).
Enter [Yes] for the last time the course was taken (with the higher grade).


I repeated a course, do I enter both into my application?

Yes, you will need to enter all attempts in your application. Answer "No" to the "Last time taken" question when entering the repeated course.


I took the same course number multiple times but they were actually different courses with different course titles, how do I answer the "Last time taken" question?

You will answer "yes" to this question since the course content is different.


I took the same course at different institutions and they have different course numbers, do I list it as a repeated course?

Yes, this would count as a repeated course because the course content is the same.


The coding of one of my courses was changed after I submitted my application, can I get it changed?

When processing your application we review your courses to verify that they meet the pre-requisites. If we changed something, it was because the course(s) did not meet the pre-requisite requirements and thus were coded incorrectly. You are welcome to appeal this decision, please follow the instructions on page xiii of the Application Handbook, and email us at


I'm trying to edit a college listed in my [Colleges Attended] section but the application is not letting me.

For applicants that are still working on their application:

You will need to work backwards in order to remove a college attended. Start from the [College Coursework] page of the application and remove any courses listed under that school. Then go to the [Terms Attended] section and remove the terms. Finally go to the [Colleges Attended] page and remove the college. Make sure to save each page after making your changes.


 For applicants that have submitted their application:

You can only add colleges to the [Colleges Attended] section after you have submitted your application. If you need to edit or delete a college please send a message using the application's internal messaging system with the exact change that needs to be made and we will do it for you.


Can I submit my application before I have received my Spring 2020 grades?

No, only submit your application once Spring 2020 coursework and grades have been entered. Not doing so will cause major delays with the processing of your application.


What if I don't know the specific courses I plan on taking in future semesters?

If you have a good idea of the courses you will be taking you can enter them even if you are not completely certain that these will be the exact courses you'll end up registering for. If you are unsure, enter placeholder courses (ex: CHEM XXX, TBD, etc). You can update your coursework after you have registered for your courses each term before matriculation.


I received multiple degrees from the same institution, how should I list it on my [Colleges Attended] section?

You will need to list the institution separately for each degree program.


I attended the same institution multiple times for the same degree, how do I enter it on my [Colleges Attended] section?

List the institution once even if there was a break in attendance.


I can't add my primary major but it allows me to add my secondary major/minors?

There is not an "Add Primary Major" button, you just need to click and highlight your primary major to select it. Your primary major will populate on your [Colleges Attended] page after you have answered and saved the [Colleges Attended Questions] section.


I'm trying to edit my terms attended but it won't let me?

If you have already entered coursework for that term you will need to remove the coursework before you will be able to edit the term.


The application won't allow me to enter my term?

You will only be able to add terms that are included in the dates of attendance listed for that institution on the [Colleges Attended] page. If the term is not listed between those dates you will need to adjust your [Colleges Attended] section before entering your term.


My Winter terms are not listed correctly?

For TMDSAS purposes the Winter terms are listed with the year that the term ends.


I withdrew from a course, do I need to list it in [College Coursework]?

Yes, all coursework needs to be listed. If the course is listed as zero credit hours on your transcript then you should list the number of credits the course is worth.


The application won't let me enter a course as zero credits even though that's how the course appears on my application?

You do not need to enter courses worth zero credits on your application (ex: chapel, freshman seminars, etc). If it was a course that is worth credit but is listed as zero due to withdrawing from the course, you need to enter the course with the number of hours you would have received when completing the course.


How do I determine my academic status if I went to multiple institutions/claimed a lot of AP credit?

Only coursework taken after graduating high school will be counted towards your academic status. Start by counting the credit hours received after graduating high school and continue through each semester. If you completed dual credit or AP tests during high school, these will be listed as "Pre-freshman"


I attended a TAMS high school where I completed college coursework while finishing high school, how do I determine my academic status?

All of the courses you took in high school for dual credit will be included in your hour count. Typically you'll have two years of college credit prior to high school graduation.


How do I enter my AP credit?

TMDSAS does not accept lump sum AP credit. If your AP credit appears as lump sum credit on your official transcript you will need to have an official letter sent to TMDSAS from your registrar's office listing the breakdown of your AP credit.


How do I select the course area for my courses?

Please refer to the course listing for your institution from the TMDSAS website. If your course is not listed, complete this section to the best of your ability by selecting the course area classification based on the primary content of the course.


What if the grade listed on my application is not an option to choose from on the application?

Make sure that you have scrolled to see all of the grades options available. If your grade is not listed exactly as it appears on your transcript, consult the grade key on the back of your transcript to find the closest grade.


My course is worth .5 credits but it won't let me enter it on the application?

You'll need to enter the course as 0.5 credits.