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Starting in EY2021, transcripts should not be submitted to TMDSAS until they are requested. TMDSAS will reach out to interviewed applicants to collect transcripts (for veterinary applicants only).

Transcripts are, however, required for validation and must be submitted according the Texas A&M CVM deadlines listed here:

One official transcript is required from every US, US Territorial, or Canadian college attended. This includes: 

  • College-level courses taken while in high school (i.e. dual credit courses), even if they did not count toward a degree at any college. 
  • Colleges at which you took a course, even if transfer credit was later accepted by another school. 

**Please note: Electronic transcripts with expiration dates will not be accepted if they expire.**

Transcript Requests

When and how will TMDSAS request transcripts from applicants...

If you are applying as an Academic Fresh Start applicant, please see the following pages for special instructions on sending transcripts to TMDSAS.

Academic Fresh Start

Transcript Requirements 

 Make sure you know the necessary requirements before sending transcripts to TMDSAS.
  • Transcripts submitted to TMDSAS cannot be more than a year old - the print date cannot be more than a year from the time they are submitted. 
  • Spring 2020 grades (or Winter 2020 for those on a quarter system) MUST be recorded on your transcript before delivered to TMDSAS.   
  • Transcripts for future coursework are not required until the course has been completed and a grade has been recorded.  
  • You must send updated transcripts to TMDSAS at the end of each term that coursework is completed between the time of application and expected date of matriculation. 
  • You can mail the transcript yourself as long as it remains in a sealed envelope from the registrar.
  • Include a Transcript Request Form (See 'Transcript Request Form' for instruction)

Electronic Transcripts

How to send transcripts to TMDSAS electronically...

TMDSAS accepts electronic transcripts from the following services:

  • Credentials eScrip - Safe (formerly Credential Solutions).
  • National Clearinghouse
  • Parchment
Refer to your registrar's office to verify your school's transcript service.


National Clearinghouse or Parchment

TMDSAS will accept transcript from both of these services.

For Parchment, TMDSAS must be manually entered. Please use as the email address for TMDSAS to prevent processing delays.


Instructions for Registrars

Don’t forget that there is a 21 business day processing time from the moment it arrives at the TMDSAS office.

If you’re requesting electronic transcripts, make sure you ask your registrar to send it with a minimum 30-day opening period with no viewing expiration date.

  Foreign Transcripts   

 Foreign transcript evaluation requirements.
Foreign transcripts do not need to be evaluated for application processing purposes; however, participating medical, dental, and veterinary schools may require an evaluation service. For more information, please contact the institutions to which you have applied.

  Transcript Request Form  

 Instructions for using the TMDSAS Transcript Request Form.
The TMDSAS Transcript Request Form allows you to create and print request forms to send to registrars at schools you have attended.  
  • Complete the [Colleges Attended] section of the application. 
  • Download the TMDSAS Transcript Request Form. 
  • Fill out the PDF and print it out OR print it and fill it out by hand. 
  • Deliver completed form to registrar at each college attended. You can fax the form to the school if necessary. 
  • Inform the registrar that the form must accompany the transcript when delivered to TMDSAS.


Mail your transcripts  to:

For General Mail:

P.O. Box 2175
Austin, TX 78768

For Packages:

210 W. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701



 Transcript questions frequently asked by veterinary school applicants...

When do I need to submit my transcripts? 

Transcripts should be submitted in accordance with the TAMU School of Veterinary Medicine  timeline:


Do my transcripts have to be received by TMDSAS before I can submit my application? 

No, you can submit your application without your transcripts.

Will TMDSAS delay the processing of my application if they have not received my transcripts? 

No, TMDSAS will not delay the processing of your application for transcripts or any other supporting documents. As supporting documents are received we will process them and forward them to the schools. 

My [Status] page says that some of my transcripts have not been received but I haven't finished coursework at those institutions yet.

Don't worry, that's ok! TMDSAS and the schools you are applying to can see that those courses are either in progress or will be taken in the future. Those transcripts will remain listed as "Not Received" until you have completed and have grades for that coursework.

My school charges for transcripts after I graduate, can I send my transcript early?

Instead of applicants sending transcripts before they are requested by TMDSAS, we recommend that applicants have an official transcript mailed to themselves. Keep the transcript sealed and then mail it to TMDSAS when requested.

Does TMDSAS accept transcripts from National Clearinghouse or Parchment services? 

Yes, TMDSAS will accept transcript from both of these services. Refer to your registrar's office to verify your school's transcript service.

For Parchment, TMDSAS must be manually entered. Please use as the email address for TMDSAS to prevent processing delays.

How will I know when my transcripts have been received?

You will receive and email each time a transcript is received by TMDSAS. Please remember that transcripts submitted prior to being requested by TMDSAS will not be processed until August 1.

You can also check on the status of all of your supporting documents (including test scores) for your application by signing in to the application and going to the [Status] page. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you reach the [Fees] and [Supporting Documents] headings. Please continue to monitor the status of your supporting documents on your application [Status] page.


I sent my transcript without the Transcript Request Form, will TMDSAS still accept my transcript?

While TMDSAS will accept transcripts that are not attached to TMDSAS Transcript Request Forms, TMDSAS is not responsible for transcripts that cannot be matched to your application due to the absence of a TMDSAS Transcript Request From. You are strongly encouraged to utilize these forms.  Be sure to inform the registrars that this form should be attached to the transcript when it is sent to TMDSAS. 

We also strongly recommend that you request personal copies of your transcripts for your use in completing the [College Coursework] section of your application.

I sent my transcript awhile back but it hasn't shown on my [Status] page that it has been received. 

Remember, mailed transcripts can take 21 days to be received and processed. Electronic transcripts can take 7-10 business days to be processed. Please allow for the appropriate amount of time before contacting TMDSAS.

Also check to be sure that your electronic transcript was not sent with an expiration date. Transcripts that have expired will not be accepted.

Do I have to send transcripts to TMDSAS even after I have been accepted to veterinary school? 

Yes! Per the Applicant Responsibilities, applicants must submit an updated official transcript after the completion of each term after your application has been submitted. Sending updated transcripts is vital so the schools you are applying to have your most up-to-date grades and GPA.

I'm a re-applicant, do I have to resend the transcripts I submitted last cycle even though I haven't taken additional coursework since then?

Yes, transcripts must be re-sent for each application cycle that you apply for even if you have not completed additional coursework.

Which mailing address should I use to send my transcript to TMDSAS? 

You can use either of the mailing addresses listed above.

I can't get an official copy of my foreign transcript. 

If you are unable to submit an official transcript from your foreign institution you can submit an unofficial copy from your personal records. Please note that if you took courses from a US institution abroad, you must provide an official transcript.

What to Expect When TMDSAS Requests Transcripts

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 Transcript Request Form

The TMDSAS Transcript Request Form allows you to create and print request forms to send to registrars at schools you have attended.