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Applicant History




Are you a previous TMDSAS applicant?

In this section, you must indicate if you have previously applied to medical, dental or veterinary school. Answer YES to this question only if your application was transmitted. If your application was withdrawn while in the status “TMDSAS Processing,” then you are not considered a reapplicant.

Be sure to answer the two short-answer questions here.

You will indicate the TMDSAS school(s) you applied to, the entry year you applied for, if you were accepted, and if you are currently enrolled. If you were accepted, indicate if you were ever dismissed or withdrawn from medical, dental, or vet school.


important note

If you are a reapplicant, your application history will NOT roll over. You are responsible for reporting accurate information about the year(s) in which you have previously applied to TMDSAS.


Non-TMDSAS Schools

Have you previously applied to any non-TMDSAS schools?

You will also indicate the non-TMDSAS school(s) you applied to, the entry year you applied for, if you were accepted, and if you are currently enrolled. If you were accepted, indicate if you were ever dismissed or withdrawn from medical, dental, podiatry, or vet school. You will also indicate if you have previously applied to a Restricted Early Decision program.


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Who does TMDSAS consider a reapplicant? 

A reapplicant is defined as one who has previously submitted an application that was transmitted to any TMDSAS medical, dental, or veterinary school.

If I am a reapplicant, do I have to complete a new application?  


If you have already registered for an account or if you applied for admission since 2010, it is not necessary to go through the registration process again.  You will sign in to TMDSAS using the same email address and password that you used for the previous application.

The majority of the information entered into the previous year’s application will “roll-over” to the current application for your review. For these sections, you MUST still go to each section, review the information displayed, make corrections where necessary, and then SAVE the page.

Information entered in the following sections will NOT roll-over : Select Schools, Demographic, Family Info, Financial, Essays, Photo, Letters of Evaluation, Proof of Residency, Planned Enrollment, Chronology of Activities and Certification Statement. These sections will need to be completed again. After you have saved each section of the application, go to the Certification and Payment sections to complete your application.

You must also re-send your letters of evaluation and pay a new application fee.  Letters of evaluation should be updated or come from new evaluators.

Will I need to re-release my test scores?  


No. If you previously released your MCAT, or DAT score to TMDSAS you do not need to re-release it to us. You will only need to release any scores from exams taken since the last time you applied.

Do I need to send in new copies of letters of evaluation and/or transcripts? Nothing has changed from my previous application.  


Yes. You will need to re-submit letters of evaluation and transcripts (when transcripts are requested) to TMDSAS for each application cycle you apply. We do not maintain these records from year-to-year.

How can I obtain a copy of my previous application?  


If you applied within the last 5 application cycles...
If you have applied for admission within the last 5 entry years, you can print a copy of your application by signing in to the application and printing the PDF version available. Once you have logged in, you will see the following statement on the homepage of the application: Below is a list of the TMDSAS applications you have created.  Click the Entry Year link to view the entire selected application in PDF form. Be sure that you have any pop-up blockers turned off.

If it's been more than 5 application cycles...
If it has been more than 5 entry years since you have applied and you need a copy of your application, you must send an email request to with your full name and entry year of application as well as a $10.00 check or money order for the retrieval fee sent to: TMDSAS P.O. Box 2175 Austin, TX 78768. TMDSAS will then email your application only to the address listed within your application record. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.