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University of California Santa Barbara

Don’t see the course you’re looking for? Please refer to the detailed Coursework Definitions in the Application Guide to find out if your course will meet the TMDSAS requirements.

Starting in EY 2024 - courses in a Biochemistry department have been designated as Biochemistry courses in the TMDSAS application. While this may cause a deficiency in the Biology section of your PCR, please be aware that the schools will use the entirety of your application to determine whether you've fulfilled the pre-requisites, and may consider your Biochemistry coursework accordingly.

Biology Biochemistry
EEMB: 2, 2L, 3, 3L, 113L, 127, 127L, 129, 154, 156, 157
MCDB: 1A, 1AL, 1B, 1BL, 101A, 101B, 101L, 103, 103L, 108AL, 111, 112, 112L, 123, 126A, 126AL, 126B ,126BL, 126C, 131, 131L, 132, 132L, 133, 133L, 134, 135, 136(H), 138, 139, 140L, 146, 151, 152, 153
PSY: 3, 111, 111L, 115, 132, 133, 137, 137L, 166, 167, 168, 169L, 171, 215
CHEM: 110L, 142A, 142B, 142C
MCDB: 108A, 108B, 108C, 109L, 110, 110L
Gen. Chemistry Org. Chemistry
CHEM: 1A, 1AL, 1B, 1BL, 1C, 1CL, 2A, 2AC, 2B, 2BC, 2C, 2CC
CHEM: 6AL, 6BL, 6CH, 6CL, 109A, 109AH, 109B, 109BH, 109C, 109CH
Physics Statistics
PHYS: 3, 3L, 4, 4L, 5, 5L, 6A, 6AL, 6B, 6BL, 6C, 6CL PSTAT: 5A, 5LS
PSY: 5

Does Not Meet Requirement

Science Statistics