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About the Application

The Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) is the standardized application for first-year entering classes at all public dental, medical, podiatry, and veterinary schools in the state of Texas.


TMDSAS does not process advanced standing or transfer student applications. Advanced standing and transfer applicants should contact the schools directly for application instructions.


Who should apply using the TMDSAS application? 

All Texas resident applicants must apply through TMDSAS. An applicant must apply through TMDSAS to be eligible for acceptance into participating dental, medical, or veterinary schools. Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Participating dental schools may also accept applications from non-Texas residents through the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS)
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, McGovern Medical School, Long School of Medicine, Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine, and Texas Tech HSC-Lubbock accept applications through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) for MD/PhD and JD/MD program applicants only. Non-TMDSAS Applicants who are extended an offer will be added to the TMDSAS database for statistical and reporting purposes. 
  • All Texas and Non-Texas applicants must apply through TMDSAS to be eligible for acceptance into veterinary schools.


Who is considered a Re-Applicant? 

A Re-Applicant is defined as one who has previously submitted an application that was transmitted (sent to any TMDSAS medical, dental, or veterinary school). Watch the Re-Applicant Application Workshop to strengthen your application for the upcoming application cycle!


What is the application fee? 

The application fee is a non-refundable, flat fee of $200.00 and is payable by credit card only. TMDSAS does not grant application fee waivers. 


How long will it take for my application to be sent to the schools?

After you submit your application, TMDSAS will process and transmit your application to the schools you have selected on your application.

It normally takes 2-4 weeks for applications to be processed. You will receive an email when your application has been processed and transmitted to the schools to which you applied. Check the TMDSAS homepage for application processing times.

You can submit your application before TMDSAS has received your letters of evaluation and test scores. Your letters and scores will be added to your application as they are received and they will not cause a delay to your application processing time. It is your responsibility to ensure that TMDSAS has received all your supporting documents.



When should I apply? 


Please note that the application entry year refers to the year that you plan to matriculate into professional school -- i.e., the year that you will enroll. Therefore, you will begin your application the year before you plan to start dental, medical, podiatric, or veterinary school.

For example, if you are applying for Entry Year 2023 then you are completing your application between May-Nov. of 2022 with plans to matriculate in the fall of 2023.

Deadlines and important dates for each application cycle are listed in Deadlines & Important Dates.

Watch the video on The Importance of Applying Early to Medical School to plan your personal application submission timeline.

Check out the TXHES YouTube Channel, the Inside Health Education Newsroom, and the Application Statistics page to help you prepare to apply.

When does the application close?   


Deadlines and important dates for each application cycle are listed in Deadlines & Important Dates.

How many applications can I submit through TMDSAS?   


You can only submit one application per cycle, and select as many schools as you would like to apply to with one application. You cannot submit multiple applications. Therefore, it is critical that you thoroughly review your application before submitting to ensure it is complete. 

How should I contact TMDSAS?   


The application's internal messaging system is the official mode of communication between applicants and TMDSAS by clicking on Send a Message to TMDSAS at the top right-hand corner of the TMDSAS Application Portal [Homepage].

What do I need to prepare before applying?  


There are several things you need to prepare before starting your TMDSAS Application to save precious time.

Review this To-Do List to Prepare for the Upcoming Application Cycle!

Use the resources available to you to help you prepare and apply to professional school:


Watch the video "The 10 Things You Need Before Starting Your TMDSAS Application"


What do I need to know about the TMDSAS participating schools that I'm apply to?   


Prior to submitting an application, applicants should read and understand the Technical Standards/Essential Functions for admission and graduation at each school with which an applicant is applying. If accepted to medical school, applicants will be required to sign a statement indicating they are able to meet these standards with or without accommodations. 

What are the policies regarding TMDSAS and the application?   


Applicants must agree to the Applicant User Agreement in order to begin the application. View the Applicant User Agreement.



Use the Application Guide for a step-by-step walk through to complete each section of the application.

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Workshops & Panels

TMDSAS Support/Workshop

Live on 11/10 at 4pm CT: What Texas Professional Schools Want You to Know

TMDSAS joins Health Professions Week! We’ll have representatives from TXHES, JAMP, TMDSAS, and member institutions address the critical aspects of your preparation that you should highlight in your application.


Beat the Deadline: Last Minute Dental and Medical Application Questions [Halloween Edition]

Don't be SPOOKED by the TMDSAS Application Deadline! The TMDSAS Support team is here to address your last-minute questions about the dental and medical application before the deadline on November 1st.

TMDSAS Support/Workshop

Live on 10/24 at 1pm CT: Everything You Need to Know About the MCAT

Join us in this strategy session with the AAMC as they let us in on information about the MCAT, registration, test prep, and fee assistance.

Events/Pre-Med/TTUHSC SOM

Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine’s Applicant Seminar

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn important factors to crafting a successful medical school application.

TMDSAS Support/Workshop

Live on 9/27 at 1pm CT: Plan a CASPer/Altus Strategy to Show Who You Are

Join us in this strategy session with the Altus Assessments team as they share how you can use the CASPer/Altus Suite to show your authentic self in admissions applications.

Advisors/TMDSAS Support/Workshop

Planning a CASPer/Altus Strategy With Your Students

Join us in this strategy session with the Altus Assessments team as they share how your students can use the CASPer/Altus Suite to show their authentic selves in admissions applications.