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Applicant User Agreement & Certification Statements

Applicants will review and agree to the following before proceeding with the application: On Policies and Procedures Disclosures

  • I have read and agree to the TMDSAS policies and procedures.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to observe all deadlines.
  • I have accessed the TMDSAS Application Guide and will use it to complete my application.
On Communicating with TMDSAS
  • I am responsible for reviewing and responding to messages sent through the TMDSAS Instant Message service via the application portal as this is the official mode of communication with TMDSAS.
  • I will observe professionalism throughout the application process.
  • I will identify myself properly and honestly when communicating with TMDSAS and member institutions.
  • I understand that information about my application can only be provided to the applicant.
  • I understand that it may take two business days to receive a response to my written inquiries.
On Technical Considerations
  • I understand that once the application fee has been paid, my application will be submitted to TMDSAS.
  • I understand that I am able to submit only one application per entry year.
  • I understand that each page will time out after 60 minutes and it is my responsibility to review that each section has been completed to my satisfaction prior to submitting my application.
  • I understand that TMDSAS recommends I print my application and review it in its entirety for completeness prior to paying and submitting in order to avoid having an incomplete application.
  • I understand that TMDSAS does not issue refunds under any circumstances.
On Letters of Evaluation & Test Scores
  • I understand that letters of evaluation can take up to 10 days for receipt and processing, and I will keep this in mind before contacting TMDSAS.
  • I understand that letters of evaluation and test scores are not required for processing, as my application will be transmitted to my select schools without them. However, I also understand many schools may not process my application until these items have been received.
On Coursework Grades
  • I understand that unless I fall into one of the following categories, my Spring 2024 grades must be entered before I can submit my application:
    • I am a graduate student who will not receive grades until after June 1st.
    • I attend a school that follows the quarter system (most recent Winter grades then required).
    • I am taking Study Abroad coursework and grades will not be available until after June 1st.
On Transcripts
  • I understand that transcripts should not be submitted until they have been requested by TMDSAS via email. Transcripts sent prior to request will not be kept on file.
    • EXCEPTION: If I am an applicant to a special program with an expedited deadline (Early Decision Program, JAMP, etc.), or elected the Academic Fresh Start Provision, or have completed foreign coursework, I will send transcripts to TMDSAS once my Spring 2024 grades are available.
On Entering Coursework
  • I will utilize the Course Listings and Coursework Descriptions pages on the TMDSAS website when coding and completing the college coursework section of my application.
  • I will review the College Coursework section of my application after transmission for changes made to course coding during processing. Please review policy Appealing Course Coding Decisions Made in Processing for more information about the appeals process.
  • I will enter my coursework exactly as it appears on the institution’s transcript from which I initially received the credit.
  • I understand that once my coursework has been validated to my transcripts, there may be additional changes to my PCR.