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University of Southern California (USC)

Don’t see the course you’re looking for? Please refer to the detailed Coursework Definitions in the Application Guide to find out if your course will meet the TMDSAS requirements.

Starting in EY 2024 - courses in a Biochemistry department have been designated as Biochemistry courses in the TMDSAS application. While this may cause a deficiency in the Biology section of your PCR, please be aware that the schools will use the entirety of your application to determine whether you've fulfilled the pre-requisites, and may consider your Biochemistry coursework accordingly.

Biology Biochemistry
BISC: 120Lg, 121Lg, 220Lg, 221Lg, 230Lg, 300L, 307L, 320L, 405L, 419L, 422L, 325, 403, 408, 410, 411, 414, 421, 422, 422L, 423, 424, 437L, 441, 450L, 478, 480, 481
BME: 402, 403
GERO: 414
HBIO: 301L, 302L, 320L, 370, 420L
HP: 320
MBIO: 310
PHY: 444
BISC: 312X, 330L, 435
CHEM: 350G, 467L
Gen. Chemistry Org. Chemistry
CHEM: 105aLg, 105bL, 107Lg, 115aLg, 115bL, 300L CHEM: 322aL, 322bL, 325aL, 325bL
Physics Statistics
CHEM: 141L, 142L, 143L
PHYS: 135aLg, 135bL, 151Lg, 152L, 153L, 161L
BISC: 305
BME: 423
ECON: 317
EE: 364
HP: 340L
MATH: 114X, 208X, 408
PSYC: 274G

Does Not Meet Requirement

Science Statistics
BISC: 321
GERO: 310
PSYC: 316, 336, 367