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Your Medical Journey

Plot out your journey to medical school with these support resources from TMDSAS, TXHES, and our member medical schools!


Learn about Medicine

Watch this information session with the admissions deans to learn more about what it takes to be a competitive medical applicant.

Special Programs

Here's a list of the special programs offered by our medical member institutions.


Medical Applicant FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions (AND answers!) for medical school applicants.


Statistical Information for Medical Applicants

Learn about the trends of the applicant pool, including academic performance, GPA, final stats, and 10-year statistical information.

Get a better picture of the process by looking at the numbers and trends from previous TMDSAS application cycles. 


The TMDSAS Match

TMDSAS administers a matching process for facilitating the acceptance of Texas resident, medical applicants.

Essentially, the TMDSAS Match is conducted to confirm the pre-match offers that some applicants may be holding and fill the remaining open slots for the medical schools. Learn more.


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Applying now? Visit the application guide for step-by-step instructions.

Application Guide

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